Useful Tips for New Sellers on eBay

Familiarise yourself with the eBay rules: It’s extremely important that as a new seller you should at least go through the basic selling rules and policies on eBay. A great number of new buyers overlook this and end up wasting time and even having their accounts suspended for violating the rules. We strongly suggest you through the basic set of rules to save yourself the hassle.

Get PayPal: Before you start selling on eBay, you would require a verified PayPal account to accept payment from your customers and the process can take a few days before you get yourself verified. The verification process is rather simple involving checks via phone and also you would receive some random deposits to your accounts via PayPal which you will be required to enter during the verification process.

Know your product keywords: Assuming, now you have a PayPal and eBay account you are ready to roll. It’s important that you use the right set of keywords in your product title field as those are the magic words that people would be searching for and would bring you the customers. Make sure you use keywords that describe your product clearly and go creative to add a few keywords to attract your customers.

Make a good profile page: A lot of new sellers don’t realise the importance of having a well laid ‘About Me’ page which can potentially make a huge impact on your sales. Use this space to highlight all the positive aspects that you can mention and deliver to your customers. This is a great way of letting your customers know what they should be expecting from you. Consider this method a free of cost marketing channel for your eBay listings as your profile link will be displayed in all of your activities across the eBay website.

Pick a niche, try becoming an expert: You should experiment with different products if you haven’t selected a niche or specialty for yourself, but when you get to stage when you see a product line working for you then try to adhere to a particular product niche which will add to your strength as a seller and the buyers will eventually learn to know your specialty. Once you are able to deliver good products and earn your customers trust you will see a lot of repeat customers and before you know it you will be well on your way to become a power seller.

Be consistent but also focus on seasonal sale: Not only keeping your product line consistent will help grow your profits but there is a huge potential for sellers who can cash in on the seasonal sale opportunities. Keep an eye on the local and international special events and learn as much as you can about the shopping habits of your customers. A holiday season, new year or Christmas can land you some juicy deals if you position your products accordingly.

Keeping in touch with customers:  In your communications with your auction winners try to use a set of ‘email templates’ which will save you time in creating new emails. It’s also important to collect the email addresses of your customers so that you can send them information about your new products and also to get feedback from them.






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2 comments on “Useful Tips for New Sellers on eBay
  1. Norbert says:

    hi I’m an eBay member my user name is ***** recently i bought a used item on eBay (a car DVD player)the seller says it work find but there is no sound it could be a simple fix or a wiring problem in his car causing this issue but the fact is that the item is of no use as the sound micro processor of the DVD player is broken an it can’t be repaired the seller cheated me and I’ve lost $137.00 can somebody help me plz I’ve open a case but close it before knowing this issue need help plz

    • Paul says:

      It’s not very clear what you just said about your case. Is it open or is it closed?

      In my experience eBay sellers are very conscious of their ratings. The first thing you should do is contact them and tell them what is wrong with the product that you received. If they do not entertain you well and you feel that they have not been fair then you have full rights to leave negative feedback on their profile. Most eBay sellers never risk getting negative feedback and if that does not work for you then perhaps you should open up a case with eBay and inform them about the fraudulent behaviour of the seller.

      In my experience eBay is always neutral and fair in dealing with such cases. If you have bought something which had the faults mentioned in their product description then perhaps you are not likely to win the case. Whereas, if the seller has deceived you by putting a different product description that does not match the product condition then you have a solid case to win.

      Let us know what you have done so far?

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